Anthony Marchetti
Slab, 7kmTransported Home, 400mTransported Home, 1kmUS/Mexico Border, East Terminus, 0kmTransported Home, 5kmTransported Motel, 800mTransported Home, 8kmUS/Mexico Border #1, 0kmHouse Awaiting Transport #1, US, 100mHouse Awaiting Transport #2, US, 100mUS/Mexico Border #2, 0kmAbandoned Transported House #1, 12kmTransported Home, 1kmTransported Home, 18kmRaised Transported Home, 600mUS/Mexico Border #3, 0kmRaised Transported Home, 16kmRaised Transported Home, 14kmTransported Home, 21kmUS/Mexico Border, West Terminus, 0km---
Occidente Nuevo

This 'new west' project documents results of the cross-border transmigration of building materials and even small suburban homes from San Diego to Tijuana. Although located only 20 miles apart, few cities could be more different from each other. San Diego calls itself “America’s finest city,” boasting some of the wealthiest subdivisions in the country, while Tijuana is viewed as decadent, transient and very poor. Yet in a demonstration that one city's trash is another's treasure, Tijuana receives and recycles San Diego’s abandoned structures, re-using and reconstructing materials into buildings that offer new opportunities for living and working.